Living Colour, Sub89, Reading.

What’s Your Favourite Colour Baby? Living Colour!!!!!
If you know what this simple question means, you are lucky enough to know this band and it’s anthem. If it means nothing to you, you are missing out on one of the best bands on the planet! Celebrating 30 years since the release of their first album, Vivid, this band from America are touring small venues and festivals across Britain. No tour dates in central London meant a road trip and over night stay in Reading to catch this awesome band at Sub89 gig venue. The venue itself is small and dingy which in my opinion is the perfect intimate place to see any band. The sound quality for such as small venue was superb.
And on to the main act. Living Colour are quality. With Corey Glover as the charismatic, vocal front man, supported by lead guitar, base and drums by equally talented musicians, this band are a mixture of rock, funk, metal, reggae, hip hop to name but a few. Their sound is unique and their fan base loyal as everyone at the gig last night proved as they knew every word and sung and danced the night away like they were partying in their front room with really good friends. A perfect night out. Thank you Living Colour for continuing to do what you do so well.

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