This Is Going To Hurt, Adam Kay- Vaudeville Theatre, London.

Um. Went on the recommendation of a friend who had read the book of the same name, depicting the diaries of a junior doctor, Adam Kay. The book is described by friends as “belly laugh funny” but sadly it did not translate this way on to the West End stage!!! It had it’s amusing moments but I think in order to create the right atmosphere for this kind of comedy show it needs to be a lot more intimate. If this show had been at the Comedy Store or maybe the Leicester Square Theatre I think it could have been a good night out. Sadly however it was rather boring and as I paid £32.50 for my ticket (the top price was £57!) I left the theatre feeling rather ripped off! It was good though to catch up with friends who I hadn’t seen for a while, so every cloud 🙂.

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