100 Club, Oxford Street, London.

I don’t know how or why I haven’t visited 100 Club in Oxford Street before. This tiny venue is exactly the kind of gig space I love and looking at their back catalogue they have hosted some great names. It’s a simple place, a stage, two bars, a sound desk and the loos. We paid £10 a head to see ‘Senser’ and not surprisingly at that price the gig was a sell out! Senser have been around a long time and this was reflected in the ages of the crowd who probably averaged at 40 + However their massive sound and energy had the crowd moshing madly and I fear there are going to be quite a lot of middle aged men waking up tomorrow wondering why they ache so much! What I love most about going to any live music event (as well as the music of course) is people watching. It’s great to see friends interacting with each other, dancing and singing or in this case moshing and stage diving with no inhibitions but just enjoying the moment.

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