10CC at The Royal Albert Hall.

In 1982 I went with a group of school friends to The Fairfield Hall’s in Croydon to see my first ever gig, 10CC. The opportunity to go to see the band again thirty seven years later, with two of those original school friends, was a chance too good to be missed! The Royal Albert Hall is a venue built for music, as well as being a beautiful building. With numerous bars that are well staffed, queuing for a drink is quick and painless (another liquid dinner, are we bad?) and the many toilet cubicles in the Ladies are a very pleasant treat! With an auditorium of comfortable seats, with a perfect view throughout, this is however, more importantly, a great theatrical space.

There are a lot of bands at the moment who are making a come back. Grabbing the opportunity, even if they are in their 70’s, to tour one more time. And why not, if they’ve still got it, flaunt it. But there is one thing the fans want to hear when they see their old favourite bands and that is ALL the old songs…allowing the audience to relive some classic moments and double whammy if they can do that with some original friends.

Thank you 10CC for doing just that!!! What a fantastic night when apart from one new track (which was actually really good) the set list was every 10CC track you’d hoped to hear. 10CC are still a quality, extremely talented act! Excellent musicians on guitar, drums and keyboards along with strong vocals and that unique 10CC sound. It never ceases to amaze me how I am able to sing nearly every word of music from my youth but can’t retain more than two words from a new track heard on the radio this morning!!! Great gig, great company, great memories and a great song-a-long 😉, nothing else needed.

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