The South, Under The Bridge.

Not the usual football stadium for me to visit or the usual south (Pride of South London……..SE25!) however an excuse needed for a night out with friends took us to Under The Bridge, below Chelsea FC Stanford Bridge Football stadium, to see a breakaway band from the former Beautiful South in the form of The South. Firstly the venue was an intimate place with excellent sound quality and reasonably priced bars. The floor space was on two levels with minimal seating but a good view for all. The venue was comfortably packed but an atmosphere can only be created by the energy of the people and unfortunately as the band took to the stage, the people remained cautious and restrained! The South were very good with both vocalists having excellent voices and the musicians very accomplished. But it did at times feel like we were watching the evening entertainment on a cruise ship (never been on a cruise but you know what I mean!) with no disrespect to The South, but because of the continued apathy of the crowd. As the set went on and old favourites from The Beauitful South’s back catalogue were performed, people did start moving and a grooving and the astmosphere began to rise. All in all a nice little venue and with the right crowd or maybe as a dance venue this could offer a good night out. We did have a good time as a night out is really judged on who you spend it with and mention must be made to the pub cat we met when we stopped for a bite to eat at The Chelsea Pensioner on the way to the club…….hence the photo of Mr Mackay above.

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