All about Eve, Noel Coward Theatre.

Hosting a great cast and starring Gillian Anderson and Lily James, this Ivo van Hove directed play, adapted from the 1950’s film, displayed the directors trademark use of camera’s back stage, enabling live feed displayed on screens showing what was happening “meanwhile”, while front of stage took on the task of unwrapping this psychological thriller. Gillian Anderson held the stage with her performance and fitted very well into the role of theatrical megastar, moving with airs and grace when in the public eye but drowning her woes with alcohol and portraying a very convincing drunk when the realities of aging began to fill her mind. Lily James fitted her role with beautiful innocence disguising the darker motive of her character and changing her performance accordingly as the play progressed. The play did not have an interval, allowing tension to build without interruption. However this is where this play let me down, the atmosphere and tension that could be built on the big screen did not transfer to the stage. At times this play seemed slow and did not manage to make me feel emphany or like or dislike any character. It told a story but did not create a drama. A good night out at the theatre with friends as always but not a play that I would rush back to see.

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  1. Ah, I was interested in this production as it’s being filmed live and screened at selected odeon cinemas next month – I really like Gillian Anderson – interesting review….maybe i’ll Give it a go at the cinema .