All My Sons…Arthur Miller at The Old Vic.

Another fantastic play by Arthur Miller at The Old Vic. The stars of this one are Sally Fields and Bill Pullman plus Jemma Coleman for good measure. I was a bit worried, as it was Bank Holiday Monday, that only the understudies would turn up, but happily everyone was on the stage as expected. I’ve decide that what I like about Arthur Miller is that his plays are about normal folk living normal lives. All the dramas that he depicts could be a difficult chapter in anyone’s life the world over. This play, written in 1947, shows that the only thing that really changes throughout time is the date on the calendar. People are still people and their loves and lives and losses continue to be so similar throughout history. I loved some of Sally Fields’ one liners that only a mother would say and the bitching behind backs verses the sweet words spoken to faces was classic neighbourhood gossip, opinion and survival. This is a really good play and definitely worth a watch but unfortunately for anyone reading this who fancies it, it’s already a well deserved sell out. Sorry!

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