CAROLINE or CHANGE at The Playhouse Theatre

Interesting one! Booked tickets to see this show because I wanted a night out with friends and the front row of the balcony was only £20 a seat, so it seemed the perfect match. I did not know anything about this show and in fact I did not even know it was a musical?!? The opening scene was the perfect appetiser for the musical sensation that was to follow. Set in Louisiana in 1963 this simple tale is of a hard working divorced black maid, trying her best to earn enough money to support her four children, employed by a white jewish family. Her employees do their best to be supportive but rather than empathise with her they manage to re-enforce the racial stereotypes and division that existed in the south of the US in the 1960’s. The story is a simple tale of hardship, friendship, strong women and family dynamics but what really makes this show such a treat is the pure quality of the cast. Sharon D Clark holds the stage with exception talent. However credit needs to be given to the entire cast as every member is superb from the youngest child to the more mature lady of the moon (see now you’re intrigued so you will just have to go and see what I mean) and special mention needs to go to Abiona Omonua who plays Caroline’s daughter, my god this young lady can sing! There are still seats available for most performances so fill those seats people because this really is a musical, funny, heart warming gem.

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