Dead dog in a suitcase – The Lyric, Hammersmith.

Last minute booking and costing £18 for end of row J in the stalls (seats next along were £39!) I was a bit worried this might be an evening of a restricted view? I booked last minute because my son had to see it for his A level drama so I figured which ever seat had the best view would have to be his! Having read the synopsis and learnt that this was a modern take on The Beggars Opera, I also concluded that was unhelpful as I have no idea of that story either 🤣. Anyway you can see from my photo that we had a fab view of the curious looking stage set. What was to follow could only really be described as hilarious bonkers! A mixture of puppetry, musical, pantomime, love story and lessons in morality, this great show was excellent entertainment from start to finish. The best way I can think of to describe it is what I would imagine a David Walliams book, brought to the stage, would be like if he wrote one in the style of his children’s books, but for adults. That is not a criticism but a compliment. This show was brilliantly performed with over the top characters both hero and villain and even a bit of nostalgia with Punch and Judy thrown in for good measure! You really have to see it to understand what I mean. There was one scene near the very end when I am not quite sure what happened but it was loud, dramatic, interactive and dark and certainly had everyone sitting up in their seats. On at the Lyric until next weekend and then off to Bristol for its next run, if you can get a chance to see it, it is definitely is worth a night out. Madness from beginning to end.

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