Fame, The Peacock Theatre, London.

Umm…Fame! Being a big fan of the original film and it’s toe tapping soundtrack, I looked forward to reliving the 80’s and to hopefully enjoy a bit of a sing-along (as I wasn’t allowed to sing last night at Les Mis 🤭). Sadly I feel we were sold a bit of a lie! This musical phenomenon?!?!? (that’s what it says on the poster!) was based on the original film, although the rich posh girl wasn’t rich or posh and unbelievably in 2019 when so many shows and film/tv actively embrace the importance of inclusion, the gay guy for some reason wasn’t gay. But most disappointingly the only song from the original film was the title song!!!!! Maybe they couldn’t get the music rights but if this is the case please don’t sell it as Fame the Musical, sell it as Fame the Musical with a new soundtrack except for the title song so don’t expect to know the words!
The cast were young and I applaud any theatre that showcases young talent on a West End stage and they were all excellent dancers and the majority could also sing. At the end the cast did return to the stage for a final rendition of the title song and people did get up and clap along but there was an air of apathy in the audience by then and it felt that many were only clapping along to be polite. What makes a well loved musical transfer successfully from film to stage is the fact that the fans can see something they love presented on a new platform (Dirty Dancing and Grease are excellent examples of this!) Sorry but Fame sadly let us down.

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