FLEABAG, live stream at the Odeon.

Love the tv show. Brilliant piece of theatrical writing and acting so the opportunity to see the stage show streamed live to an odeon near me was worth a look. The stage show proceeds the tv series and the 1st series reflects this 90 minute monologue. Some might say that seeing both tv series’s would ruin watching the original stage show. However it really didn’t and in fact it added to the experience as understanding the story, emotion and relationships behind the characters enhanced the story with greater understanding and depth. The performance of Phoebe Waller-Bridge was hilarious with her facial expression and poetic delivery and a beautiful command of the English language. Moments made you laugh, moments made you cry laughing and moment made you close to tears. Phoebe is a very clever lady who has the ability to talk about subjects that will make some people blush, but with an emotional undertone that makes you think and empathise with others and feel people’s vulnerabilities. Quite an expensive night out at the cinema but as the stage show is a sell out, a great alternative to be able to share the moment.

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