Frank Turner at Alexandra Palace

My first visit to Alexandra Palace. Amazing view of North London and the city beyond and an impressive building that must look stunning in daylight, high up on it’s hill. Getting in was an interesting feat. Ushered forward by security and held in pens, allowing a staggered entry, it felt at times like we were sheep waiting to be dipped! However the operation was greeted by good humoured fans and as it resulted in calm crowd control and tight security, there was no reason to complain. Once inside we entered a food hall that satisfied every palate along with many well tended bars to ensure no one had to wait too long to be served. The music hall itself is an impressive space, offering standing room only except for well placed disabled seating. For such a large rectangular hall, it could be presumed that the sound quality would suffer. However this is not the case, as you are hit with a wall of sound that is both quantity and quality in equal measure!

And so to the music…..Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls really know how to hold a crowd. Frank is well known for his folk like lyrics performed with the energy of punk and this evening did not disappoint. With a venue full of fans encouraged to join in with every song, it didn’t take long for the whole place to be jumping and dancing and singing every word. Even when the Sleeping Soul took a short break, leaving Frank on stage with only his trademark guitar, the energy level didn’t drop. Credit also need to be given to the two support acts…..Jimmy Eats World, playing a tight set and finishing with their most famous track ‘The Middle’ and Grace Petrie, who was outstanding with her self penned folk songs, sung with anarchy and passion. She held the crowd with her chrasmatic personality and had them hanging on her every word.

In conclusion, all great acts and definitely a venue that I would visit again without hesitation.

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