Hair-50th Anniversary tour.

HAIR is a musical sensation that 50 years ago created controversy as it flooded the stage with hippy culture of free love, drugs and commune living. Returning now in different times, this musical no longer shocks as it once did, allowing the audience instead to embrace the energy and talent of the cast, all of whom are outstanding as individuals and as a well choreographed family. The story is simple and those who say they don’t understand what is going on are maybe looking too deep. It is a group of young people sharing short stories about themselves, sharing a few trippy drug fuelled moments, loving peace and one another and ultimately having to make a stand for or against the Vietnam war. The whole cast are on the stage through out the show. The music flows endlessly into each new number, with each song having a strikingly individual rhythm and beat. The choreography is busy and captures your eyes as you track the cast across the stage. The music at times fills every inch of the theatre and vibrates through the floor and shakes you in your seat. This is a touring musical, (Dartford this week) and is far reaching from Edinburg to Brighton but it is, without doubt, a London West End worthy performance and production. I did not know what to expect but I was blown away by this explosion of musicality. And a special shout out for Daisy Wood-Davis who is sensational as Sheila and pictured here with her very proud Mum! This show is fantastic!!!!!!

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