‘’Morph” performed by Greenwich and Lewisham Youth Theatre

Performed as part of a day conference on Autism, which had a heavy influence on the mental health of young people with ASD, this short play written by Mandi Chivasa (seen here on the left of the photo) addressed the very difficult issues of the effects of depression and social anxiety that so often effect the lives of young people today. The title “Morph” describes the changes that some young people experience as they move from childhood to adulthood but more importantly how this is not always a smooth ride and how the mental health of many young people has a massive impact on this journey. We saw how hard it can be for families to understand the struggles young people are experiencing and the importance of the support of friendships. Beautifully acted and incorporating some song and dance, this short drama flowed seeminglessly and despite only lasting maybe fifteen minutes, told the story with impact and was very thought provoking. The performance was followed by a question and answer session and all four performers raised the bar even higher by their articulate, mature and analytical responses to all questions asked and showed the audience that they were not just performing lines given to them, but really believed and understood the importance of the message that they were relaying. These are impressive young people and if they are a representation of many young people in Britain today I think our future is in safe hands.

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  1. I agree. The room was silent at times as the performers had us in their hands. Very thought provoking and moving.