PINTER – A Slight Ache/The Dumb Waiter!

I love The Harold Pinter Theatre, a small, cosy venue that gives a good view wherever you sit and in this case we were back row of the balcony for £17.50. A bargain for the opportunity to see Martin Freeman again, who has such an amazing stage presence that all he has to do is stand up and he will get a laugh ( in a positive way Martin I promise!). Acting alongside Danny Dyer, who seems to be everywhere you look at the moment, this duo were perfectly cast in this funny short Pinter play about hanging around, waiting to be given the go head to complete a “hit” on the next unsuspecting subject, identity unknown. The banter between these two men is just that, banter to pass the time. However with perfect comic timing, this banter is pure entertainment and classic British comedy nonsense. “The Dumb Waiter” was preceded by a slightly mad and confusing “A Slight Ache”. Set supposedly in a radio studio and seemingly presented as a radio play, this little ditty tells the tale of a married couple one sunny afternoon. It begins with a conversation between the pair which is quite normal and general chit chat about gardens, summer days and wasps but as the play progresses each character drifts off into their own little daydreams, sharing their increasingly deranged thoughts with the listening audience……the whole play is just bizarre! However it is very well acted and the poetry of the script in hypnotic so you find yourself watching intently and listening to every word even if by the end of the play you are not quite sure what just happened!!!! All in all another great night out at the theatre, including the traditional liquid dinner……..

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