Small Island at The National Theatre, London.

At three hours long this could only have been an epic evening. It certainly proved to be with this outstanding production of Small Island. I have recently read the book so I knew the story as it unfolded on the stage and the time needed to tell this tale was definitely three hours. I would happily have stayed for more.
The story begins in Jamaica in the early 1930’s but moves rapidly on to World War 2 in England, post war back in Jamaica and then back to England via the Empire Windrush ship.
The first half of the show is very funny and endearing as you get to know the characters and their back stories. The second half moves on to how the arrival of the Windrush generation on British soil impacts on all concerned. At times the second half is an uncomfortable watch as it is very verbally graphic and factual of the way many people from the Caribbean, having been invited to Britain to live and work in the Motherland, were racially abused and treated in an appalling way. This play is very powerful theatre. It makes you smile, it makes you laugh and it makes you cry but most importantly it makes you think.
Small Island is on until August 2019 so if you get a chance to see it you won’t be disappointed.

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