Sweat at The Gielgud Theatre

I booked this show after receiving a reduced price offer. For some reason I had convinced myself that it was a musical and had convinced my theatre going partners in crime too. We were all in the mood for some song and dance! So when the first scene was five minutes in and still no one had done a quick step we figured that I may have got that very wrong!!! This is very much a play about how automation changes the production industries, which in turn puts people out of work, which in turn causes anger and in turn makes people react to each other in ways they would not usually do. A long way away from an evening of song and dance.

It is very well acted by a well known cast and when you google β€˜the cast’ you realise where you recognise them all from. The characters are all very likeable and you do feel for them when relationships change or break down as their job security is threatened. It’s a good play and only on for a limited run so if you fancy it, tickets are still available.

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