Another first…..first trip to the Old Vic in Waterloo. An iconic theatre undergoing a complete refurbishment which is going to be stunning. Outside has a presence that invites you in and inside, this theatre is a perfect size and gives the theatre goer a fab view where ever you are seated. And so to the play, The American Clock, an Arthur Miller play so I was expecting something a bit heavy. The story of the Wall Street crash in 1929, this play was a good education about the American depression brought on, as usual, by greed. I know I promised no spoilers but in this instance I do need to point out that the main family in this tale are played first by white actors, then Asian and finally by black actors. It is important to know this as otherwise it would be rather confusing? I am assuming this is to illustrate that when the crash happened, all people were effected deeply regardless of race. This is only my assumption……to be honest it didn’t add anything to the story and if I hadn’t read up before hand, could have proved very confusing. The play was well acted with the occasional bit of singing and a little bit of dancing thrown in at random times, which did work well as it gave the play a quirky edge. The second half plunged the characters into greater doom and gloom but really showed how rock bottom life could become. However the end of the play then felt really rushed and a bit “and then this happened the end!” which was a shame as up until the end, the play was interesting and enjoyable. I can certainly tick Old Vic off my list of theatres to visit and I will definitely look out in the future to return to this rather lovely London landmark.

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