The Price-Arthur Miller at The Wyndham Theatre.

The Wyndham Theatre is a cosy little theatre that in recent years has been beautifully restored and offers fantastic views of the stage throughout. We paid £12.50 for back row of the balcony and with only four rows in total, this has to be one of the best back row of the balcony seats in London. The cosy theme continues into the Ladies and I did have to reverse into the toilet cubicle as it was so narrow! However that actually adds to the charm of the building.

Anyway now to the play……we went to see David Suchet and were not disappointed. He was brilliant as an old American Jewish secondhand furniture dealer, negotiating to buy the whole contents of a loft apartment from two estranged, but during the play reunited, brothers. That is basically the story line which in itself doesn’t sound that exciting, but it was amazing how captivating the banter between the characters became as they shared memories of their past and present lives and once David Suchet joined the stage, how laugh out loud funny his dialogue and comedy timing was. An American play obviously means American accents which can sometimes be hard to follow in a theatre environment on British ears however the four English actors did a great job and the dialogue remained clear throughout. My only criticism was that the second half didn’t live up to the humour of the first and kind of went on a bit and although it didn’t loose it’s way, it did make me glaze over a couple of times! But I think that is typical Arthur Miller rather than any criticism of the actors who were all superb. Definitely worth the £12.50 we paid.

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