The Son, Duke of York Theatre, London.

A last minute booking as a half term night out for me and my son. A powerful drama about a teenager struggling with his mental health in a dysfunctional family who ignore his cries for help and erratic behaviour. Although to the audience the mental state of this young man is obvious, sadly the struggle for his family to see, want to see and acknowledge his plight is an all to familiar reflection of the real life of some. I know I promised no spoilers in my blog but in this case a short synopses of the plot seems a good introduction to anyone who may decide to go. Slightly over acted at times, however it also built up to a climax that left the audience watching in absolute silence, which is always a good indication that the director has got it right. Not the most uplifting play but nor is mental health so it is good to give it a stage and bring it into peoples thoughts. We need to listen to our young people especially when they go quiet. It is only on until 2nd Nov so if you do want to go don’t delay and there are some bargain tickets to be had.

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